eating steak and spaghetti with my fucking chopsticks

azn game extra strong

its sad how i can’t do anything once i take my makeup off

sry friends its not you its me

of course, instead of chewing me out for my hair/tattoos/various other problematic life choices, my grandma merely chose to diss my favorite brand of cigs 

ah well guess the crazy runs in the family

drowning on air rn aka i’m back in hong kong for the next 4-ish months. hit me up if you’re in town!

also, back to regular posting for me »

經常叫人不要對號入座自己偏偏卻總喜歡胡思亂想。直覺覺的你是在說我,但是其實想一想,又有什麼可能是在說我呢?人家哪裡有空針對你啊?想多了吧。是我敏感還是我多疑還是我多愁善感?最後可能是我太自戀了哈哈。那麼執著旁人的閒言閒語又何苦呢。但到頭來還是暗暗介意 u g h


double standards ftw / i am such a hypocrite

taking a semester off isn’t as fun as it sounds, y’know.

so quit projecting all your stress on me. 

straying out of my comfort zone and diving headfirst into the world of poetry.

it’s an odd night.

sometimes, i regret not keeping in touch with my favorite teacher from high school. among all the teachers i’ve had, i feel like she was the only one who ever really listened to me and never gave me shit for having opinions. sadly, i’m already having a hard time keeping in touch with friends as it is, so maybe it’s a good thing she gets to have one thing less to be disappointed over.

haha i wonder if she still even remembers who i am.

that tumblr pro thing got me good ahaha

you know it’s a sad day when you have to ration your cigarettes because you only have one pack left and you’re too broke to buy more

cabin fever shouldn’t exist when we have wifi, but i overestimated myself. 

money makes the world go round

but money doesn’t make everything okay.

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just a few thoughts i have of the situation in taiwan rn. 

i don’t think anyone outside of taiwan/hong kong will understand this acute and very real fear we have of having our freedom forcefully taken away from us. it’s already under way in hk, what with the growing influence from the prc there (though that’s more due to circumstances that can’t be helped), but i’m sad to see the same happen to taiwan as well. the amount of violence and the subsequent media blackout are eerily reminiscent of what happened during the tiananmen square incident, and just those parallels is enough to give me chills. 

some mainlanders don’t find anything wrong with this, that people’s lives and freedom are being encroached and violated right before their eyes while they are helpless to do anything to stop it from happening, and instead they blindly accuse us of hating china. that’s beside the point; they’ve never known freedom, and what you don’t know you won’t miss. 

and to those people i will say this: ignorance isn’t always bliss.