anyway i’m back in hong kong after randomly fucking off to tokyo for a week

wish i could’ve stayed longer :c

i can be a bratty good-for-nothing little shit for 90% of the year, but you know that i got most of that from you right? w

all jokes aside though, this world cup shindig is seriously ruining the father-spawn relationship in this household

i know nothing about soccer

i’m only watching the world cup so i have a reason to drink beer at 6am

all this about internships and building CVs and networking just reaffirms how fake and shallow adults are. 

the world is disheartening. i don’t want to grow up and become as hollow as the rest of them.

instead of money can i beg for an air miles points donation

i’m having a serious case of wanderlust right now but i’m roughly 2000 points short of a free ticket out of this city :c 

i always want to talk to people and do things and have fun, but then this sneaky voice in my head always tells me off for being a bother to other people, so i end up not saying anything. i don’t think i even know how to initiate things anymore without being prompted.

how do you cure passiveness.

no really it’s that awful time of the night-morning when the sun is about to attack the world

hi 5am we’ve been meeting a lot lately

all my closest friends are scattered across the globe far, far away from me right now, and i really can’t miss them more.

i might be home now, but nothing feels right when i’m alone. 

had a good long talk with my mom about the fickleness of friendship and how easily people abuse your trust. it was weird, but also kinda enlightening.

mostly, i was just kinda bewildered because we almost finished a pack of cigs between the two of us. 

like i said, weird.

the only time i get to go on tumblr is when i’m at the office waiting for the work day to be over zzz

i am way too high rn (six hours and counting)

aka i got tons of space muffins as a super belated bday present woahhhh

eating steak and spaghetti with my fucking chopsticks

azn game extra strong

its sad how i can’t do anything once i take my makeup off

sry friends its not you its me